Furnaces in Wilmington, DE

Furnace MaintenanceFurnaces in Wilmington, DE

Furnaces are one of the most popular heating systems, and they continue to get better and more efficient all the time. At A. Ralph Woodrow, our furnace experts can provide any furnace service that you need in Wilmington, DE including furnace installation, maintenance, and repairs.

Furnace Installation and Replacement

You might be pleasantly surprised by how much money you can save on home heating costs when you purchase a new high-efficiency furnace from A. Ralph Woodrow. Old, outdated furnaces tend to need frequent repairs, they don’t work well, can cause safety issues, and they gobble up energy constantly. Our furnace experts would be happy to help you choose the high-efficiency furnace that will save you money and add value to your home.

Furnace Repairs Done Right

Malfunctioning furnaces can cause serious safety hazards such as fires and carbon monoxide leaks, so it is absolutely imperative you call a Wilmington, DE furnace repair contractor as soon as you suspect that your furnace is not operating properly.

Furnace repairs are often needed because of:

  • Dirty, clogged furnace filters
  • Worn out or broken furnace belts
  • Worn fan motors
  • Incorrect thermostat settings
  • Old furnace components
  • Pilot light problems

One of the reasons that our heating technicians are so great at doing furnace repairs is because they are great at diagnosing furnace problems. You just let us know what’s happening and we’ll investigate the problem and determine the appropriate solution. And, if ever you find your furnace isn’t fixed right, we’ll be back to make it right because our furnace repairs are guaranteed!

Furnace Maintenance and Tune Ups

Regular preventative furnace maintenance will help you to avoid a lot of furnace problems in the first place. When our furnace experts do a furnace tune-up, they keep an eye out for potential troubles and fix them before they become bigger problems. This way your home can stay warm and snug all winter, without disruption!

For furnace installations, furnace repairs, and furnace maintenance in Wilmington, DE, give A. Ralph Woodrow a call! With our No Surprises Menu Pricing, you’ll always know the cost of your furnace service upfront, so that you can make informed decisions regarding your home!